Chongqing rongchuang Wanda Mandarin Hotel


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Address:18-8 Wenguang Avenue,Shapinba,Chongqing,China
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Chongqing rongchuang Wanda Mandarin Hotel Group is an island type star hotel group in the main urban area, surrounded by lakes on all sides, with elegant environment. It is only 5km away from the expressway intersection and 3km away from the light rail station. It is convenient for driving and public transportation. The hotel is separated from rongchuang Mau and paradise, enjoying one-stop shopping and entertainment experience. 78 villas are equipped with characteristic outdoor pool. In addition to personalized villa breakfast, you can also customize high-end private banquet.
The unique Jiwei western restaurant and pinzhen Chinese restaurant are characterized by excellent selection of food ingredients and exclusive and private service, so that customers can truly enjoy the pleasure of delicious food and high-quality service.
The grand banquet hall of the hotel is nearly 2000 square meters. It has not only large built-in LED and advanced and perfect conference hardware facilities, but also a variety of indoor and outdoor venues, such as banquet hall with vehicle access, natural lawn, lakeside, etc., to create a new landmark of Chongqing Hotel.